First Lady Realty specializes in negotiating Short Sales and consulting with buyers and sellers of Short Sales. She works with the banks to bring it to settlement as quickly as possible and at a price that is suitable to multiple lien holders. We also consult with buyers on purchasing distressed properties and doing the work necessary to turn them into profitable sales, without overspending and over-improving.

Become versed in the benefits of investing in undeveloped land for sale versus mortgage foreclosures. Making informed choices will generate the biggest return on investment. Despite the popularity of foreclosure properties, undeveloped acreage may offer greater financial rewards.

Many people have made money through "flipping" distressed properties such as foreclosures. This process can involve a lot of time, work and chaos. Even after you make repairs, you may have a tough time reselling, as some prospective buyers balk at former foreclosed homes.

Contrastingly, undeveloped acreage requires no repairs or maintenance. The return on an investment can be greater, while the headaches are held to a minimum. You can make a profit on your investment simply by waiting for your “location, location, location” to emerge as primo real estate.